A Spring Forward in the New Year

We wanted to give you all an update for all things Pet Respect as we move forward into the Spring time, we’ve already been very busy in 2018!

We are now proud to have 8 therapy dogs, yes 8! A vast increase since our original trio (pictured above)

Jess, Buddy, Gracie, Sookie, Nora, Tia, Daisy and Max! Max and Nora’s profiles will be on the website shortly.

It means that our therapy dog team is at our desired capacity so going forward we’re not looking to recruit any more therapy dogs, this is due to the high insurance costs required for our lovely doggies to provide the service.

We’ve already visited Hull University (pictured below) Mayberry Primary, Winifred Holtby, Stockwell Primary, Kirkella Mansions and Riverside Care Home in 2018, with plenty more to come too!

February 16th 2018 saw the start of the new Chinese new year, the year of the dog!

We think this will be a ‘paw’fect year!

Jess has been busy this year, along with all her therapy and school visits, she has modelled for a photo shoot!

Jess appeared in the Hounds of Hull exhibition at Humber Street, where all the dogs involved were invited down for a red carpet visit on the opening night.

Looking forward we’ll be keeping our therapy dogs fresh teaching them new skills to enhance the therapy service they provide. We’ll be doing this on 2 specialised in house training days.

The Youth Club will be taking some weeks off until April, the next night will be 20th March, then from April onwards we’ll be back to normal opening every Tuesday night. Keep an eye on Facebook for any updates!

Paws of Culture is a new Facebook group that’s been buzzing around online. If you want to post and share pictures of your animals in and around our lovely City of Culture in Hull, feel free to join in the fun!

Pet Respect have appeared in The Journal as a 2 page spread too. A lovely article was written by Debbie Hall which featured in the March 2018 edition. The article showcased the services we provide in schools and care homes.

Pet Respect would like to give a big thank you to the Avenue’s Bingo club (Chanterlands Avenue) who are raising funds for us in memory of a late dear friend, Jean Peck. Jean spent many years fundraising for local veterans and helped to arrange an annual get together for them. Jean was particularly supportive with our Animals in War workshop, as she believed the bravery fought by men and animals during war should be reflected to the younger generation.

Keep up to date with us via Facebook, Twitter and the website throughout the rest of the year. We hope you’ve all had a lovely start to 2018, here’s to the rest of the year! 

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