A Tribute to our Amazing Gracie

Pet Respect are very sad to announce the passing of one of their Therapy Dogs, Gracie. 

Our sincere condolences to her loving owners Sarah and John Clarkin.

Gracie was the most amazing dog who did not have a good start in life. 

She was rescued by the R.S.P.C.A from a life of abuse and neglect,

so bad it left her with lifelong health issues which ultimately led to her being put to sleep.


Although Gracie endured such cruelty from a human being, she was such a forgiving dog. 

Sarah, who was working at the R.S.P.C.A when Gracie was admitted, built a loving relationship with her throughout her journey of rehabilitation.  Sarah eventually fostered her as her own dog. 

Her life truly was full of love and kindness.

Gracie was a little slow at learning new things and not always confident,

but she was always very curious and just loved being around people. 

This was so apparent that when Pet Respect met her,

we knew instantly she would make a wonderful therapy dog.


Sarah started with her training in early 2014 and by June she had passed her Therapy dog Assessment test with flying colours.

Gracie will be sadly missed by many children in Hull’s Primary Schools, especially Maybury and Gillshill Primary Schools. 

Plus local care homes such as Magnolia House, Delbrook House and especially Kirkella Mansions Care home

where she had been a regular visitor since 2014.

 She had such special qualities; she could sense when someone was poorly, sad, depressed or just needed a bit of love and attention.

She was always there to do just that!  She loved to roll on her belly and have a belly rub. 

She also attended Hull University for exam stress and was very popular with the students.

Gracie loved playing with a ball, her favourite place was Pearson Park.  She loved playing with the hosepipe at home too.

Gracie learnt how to complete dog interactive puzzles and loved to play these with the children at Maybury. 

Gracie wasn’t very confident but always tried her best. This proved to be a positive and powerful influence on young children who had similar issues. 

Gracie helped so many children overcome their shyness and low self-esteem by being such

a loving example of doing your best and enjoying just having a go at things. 

Much to Sarah’s surprise she also learnt to do Dog Agility too!


Gracie will be missed so much but she will never be forgotten. Rest in peace special girl, and run free at Rainbow Bridge.

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  1. Sandra Archer 18/09/2019 at 12:56 pm #

    Awww great read and tells Gracies story very well.
    Great work from all at pet respect and sleep well Gracie x

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