• Breed:                                Cairn Terrier
  • Favourite Toy:                 Foxy      
  • Favourite Treat:             Vitacraft Chews
  • Favourite Activity:        Sleeping/pulling the washing line                  
  • Bad Habit:                         Getting mucky
  • Loves:                                 Playing with his girlfriends (two Jack Russell’s)
  • Hates:                                 Loud noises
  • Favourite Place:              East Park
  • Unusual Fact:                   Loves playing ball up and down the stairs.


Buddy is a two year old Cairn Terrier.  He has a reputation for being quite lazy and has an inability to concentrate. Therefore Buddy needs high motivation and encouragement.

Buddy loves to do tricks and is proving to be quite a star at agility, but of course in his own time.  He is a very loving and friendly little chap and loves meeting new friends.

Cairn Terriers have the reputation of being a stubborn breed of dog and Buddy is no exception.  If he does not want to do anything, then he won’t!  At Pet Respect we never force our dogs to do anything they do not want too.

Buddy has a calm approach to anything new and likes to take his time in learning.  He is the absolute opposite of Jess.  Buddy helps to bring out the best of everyone he meets and gives people a sense of achievement when they work with him.

Terriers love sniffing and Buddy is no exception and he is therefore proving to be very good at scent work. He now joins Jess in demonstrating this activity.









Buddy is sponsored by Home from Home Pet Care