Exam Stress Relief Through AAT

Exam Stress Relief Through AAT

When most people hear about Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) for the first time, they probably

imagine the therapy taking place with a troubled individual or a resident in a care home.

But in actual fact, they’re not the only places where AAT can thrive.

Jess and Gracie were welcomed with open arms at University of Hull

We’ve recently visited the students at University of Hull to help relieve exam stress.

There is a proven therapeutic benefit of being in an animal’s company as they can improve a person’s emotional and physical well being.

It is a medical fact that stroking an animal lowers a person’s blood pressure,

therefore in the tense atmosphere at universities around exam periods, AAT can be a huge help.

Jess loved being fussed by the students

Gracie’s personality is naturally calm which helped alleviate the stress

   A recent study by the University of British Columbia in Vancouver,has found that when students are

allowed to play with and cuddle therapy dogs, their stress levels plummet whilst their energy and happiness levels increase. 

“The results were remarkable,” said Dr Stanley Coren, study co-author and professor emeritus of psychology at UBC.


“We found that, even 10 hours later, students still reported slightly less negative emotion, feeling more supported, and feeling less stressed, compared to students who did not take part in the therapy dog session.” – Telegraph, March 2018

Whilst we visited University of Hull, we loved Dom’s humorous Snapchat story below!

this highlighted it could bring a smile to someone who is enduring a stressful time.