Highlight on the Handlers – Sally

Sally has been doing therapy work with Pet Respect alongside her rescue dog, Sookie since 2015.

Since then, she has embarked (pun intended) on her journey to run her own dog training business and continues to work on being the best pet professional she can be.

Sally prides herself on her 3 P’s of training; Passionate, Proactive and Progressive.
Passionate in guiding and educating pet parents how to connect, understand and achieve beautiful new behaviours with their dogs.
Proactive, so to help avoid certain unwanted behaviours which can commonly occur should training not be done earlier on in a dog’s life.

This is why Sally LOVES her puppy/junior dog training and has created courses which have different elements to your average puppy/junior training classes to start you off on the right paw.
Progressive, not just with regards to progressive training methods (such as fear-free and positive reinforcement) but also providing her clients with the information and support to progress new behaviours and build stronger relationships which result in a happier dog, pet parent and environment for all.

Volunteering at shelters and sanctuaries is highly valuable and rewarding to Sally and is something she hopes to continue throughout her career to enrich the lives of animals during their stay in sheltered environments.
Her previous professional experience consists of being a doggy daycare assistant, dog walker, pet sitter, dog trainer and dog park supervisor allowing her vital experience working with a vast amount of different people and dogs.

Sally can proudly say she is a degree qualified dog training instructor as she achieved her BSc (hons) Applied Animal Behaviour and Training degree in 2020, along with various other courses which she continues to build upon.
She recently became a proud canine professional member of the Pet Professional Guild and promises to advocate for clients and their dogs by guiding them with kind, empathetic and progressive training.

Sally offers a variety of services in person and online such as pre-dog preparation packages, puppy (8-20 weeks old) and junior (6-12 months old) 6-week training courses, one topic classes (covering a variety of behaviours from loose lead walking to recall), 1:1 training tuition for any aged dogs and personalised puppy training 6-week courses which are on a 1:1 basis instead of a class (only for puppies aged 8 weeks to 6 months).
Her services come with support, videos, handouts and the opportunity to join her private Facebook group to share your training success, attend Q&A videos and be a part of a friendly group to gain help and support during your training journey.

If you wish to connect with, gain free content and stay up to date with the latest services or hire Sally as your dog training coach, then please find her business details below:
Leads In Action
On Facebook and Instagram: @leadsinactiondogtraining
Email: leadsinaction@gmail.com
Phone or WhatsApp: 07521101230



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