Hounds of Hull – Jess

Our Therapy Dog, Jess, recently appeared in the Hounds of Hull exhibition at the Gallery on Humber Street! Below is the article: 


‘Jess is a busy lady with a full-time job. She is an Animal Assistant Therapy Dog who works mostly with children with behavioural issues and / or low self esteem.

Jess helps to break down the communication barriers with the youngsters by playing agility and obedience games and offering cuddles and love.

“It took two years to train her, and she is wonderful in so many ways. She really helps the children come out of their shell. The games are of benefit to both her and the children.”

Jess and her furry colleagues also help teach children about how to care for and love animals in special classes.

Jess has her very own Facebook account and calendar! You can follow her work and find out more about what Pet Respect do at www.petrespect.org.uk

Facebook – Jess Hartley  Twitter – @PetRespect  Facebook – Pet Respect ‘

You can find out more about ‘Hounds of Hull’ by visiting their Facebook page here










Jess, 11, Border Collie, Hull.

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