• Breed:                                  Border Collie
  • Favourite Toy:                   Ducky
  • Favourite Treat :               Leftover Sausages
  • Favourite Activity :          Football
  • Bad Habit:                           Biting the Bristles on Sweeping Brushes
  • Loves:                                   Playing all day long
  • Hates:                                   Hoover / Hair Dryer
  • Favourite place:                Stables
  • Unusual Fact:                     Cries with excitement when visiting a new place!


Max is a Border Collie who was born in January 2016. At 6 months old he found a new family with his owner Penny, he brought his favourite toy with him which is a stuffed duck.

Max immediately got on really well with his new big brother, Laddie, another border collie born in 2005. They love all of their adventures together. Max has done really well in his training, He’s a quick learner. He gets very excited and loves to please people but he still has his bad habits, like when he goes to the stables with Penny he likes to bite the bristles of the sweeping brush and occasionally likes to sneakily dig holes in the back garden. 

Max is such a lovable pup, he puts a smile on everyone’s face, he’s happy to play all day or just sit at your feet and be loved.

Max is a wonderful addition to the Animal Assisted Therapy team, his youthful enthusiasm and lovable eyes will surely help in his new role!








Max is sponsored by Neil Hudgell Trust