• Breed:                                  Siberian Husky
  • Favourite Toy:                   Anything she can steal from Tara!
  • Favourite Treat :               …Anything she can steal from Tara!
  • Favourite Activity :          Cuddles!
  • Bad Habit:                           Stealing anything
  • Loves:                                   Cuddles!
  • Hates:                                   Being Brushed
  • Favourite place:                Anywhere she can get cuddles!
  • Unusual Fact:                     Tia’s coat is longer than normal than an average Husky

Tia is a Siberian Husky, but she has a longer coat than they usually do.

She wouldn’t be allowed to work as a sled dog because of this as the ice would stick to her coat too much.

She lives in the countryside with Tara, a terrier of unknown breeding.

Tia loves cuddles, but because she lives in the middle of nowhere she never used to get many! This is the reason she wanted to join Pet Respect.

Her date of birth is 09.06.12 

Be on the lookout for seeing Tia around at various Animal Assisted Therapy sessions!


Tia is available to sponsor, if you are interested click here!