School Workshops

Pet Respect offer a variety of workshops to Primary Schools. 

We offer a six week programme for up to 6 children, of whom may have educational needs (these are 
usually identified by the School’s well-being officer)

The programme includes Be safe around dogs, Working dogs, Canine Communication, feelings and needs.
The Therapy dogs do tricks and basic obedience which helps improve communication skills and self-esteem.
We use varied resources such as books, games, presentations and worksheets.

We also offer free workshops for classes or year groups for Animals Roles in War and Be Safe around Dogs

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*This recording is from 2012, the course content and offers have updated since.
Please contact us for further information


   Our Therapy Dogs have all been assessed as safe and suitable for their work,
presenting a range of different personalities and behaviours just like us humans.

We show the children that the dogs have some problems too and this helps
young people learn that our dogs have feelings and difficulties very similar to themselves.

They learn how to help the dogs and in turn learn strategies to help themselves.
We teach young people dog handling skills, and this helps the dogs learn about rules, boundaries and limitations.

We use positive training methods that are based on kindness and respect.

Whilst teaching the dogs the young people also learn these lessons for themselves
but from the more powerful perspective of being the teacher.

Our workshop includes social skills such as learning to work with others, team building,
problem solving, developing empathy, responsibility, self-awareness, confidence building and mentoring.

We use a variety of teaching aids and activities: Educational Presentations, DVDs,
Dog Agility, Search and Rescue Techniques, Group Team Building Activities,
Dog Mental Stimulation Activities and Hands on War Memorabilia


Educational Subjects included in the workshops:

Body language- canine and human & calming strategies

Dog training and basic obedience (including a therapy dog)

Dog agility activity (including a therapy dog)

Search and rescue (including a therapy dog)


Dogs and the law


Communication skills & Listening skills

Re-engaging in learning



Our Workshops include:

Be Safe Around Dogs:

This workshop teaches children how to behave safely around dogs.
It aims to reduce the possibility of dog bites.  We have a PowerPoint presentation based on our therapy dog,
Jess and with a narrative telling the children the do’s and don’ts of behaviour around dogs.


Animals Needs and Feelings:

This workshop is made up of DVD’s and a PowerPoint presentation.
It promotes pet ownership responsibility, the needs of animals and all living things.
It promotes empathy, kindness and respect.


Working Dogs:

This workshop shows the wide variety of working dog roles and how they help us in everyday life.
Using video and photos,  it is a really interesting insight into the world of jobs
that you could do if you would like a career working with dogs.


Animals Roles in War:

This presentation is packed with interesting photos, video and facts about the various way’s
animals have helped us in war and in the present day too. 
This workshop also included facts about Hull in the war and a hands-on activity with War Memorabilia.


Caring for a Rabbit, Guinea Pig or Hamster.

Informative PowerPoints with interesting photos. Advice and tips to keep your pets healthy and happy. 
This workshop promotes Pet ownership responsibility.


Bullying and anti-bullying workshop.

This workshop looks at bullying through the eyes of a dog first and then compares to a child. 
It is inspiring and promotes an anti-bullying message.


The Right Dog:

This workshop looks at the hard job of animal rescue centres, finding the right dog for the right owner.  Matching the breed traits to the owner’s lifestyle.  It shows how problems can occur when dogs are bough just on looks and with no research into the particular needs of different breeds of dog.


It’s Not the Dogs Fault!

This presentation looks at the plight of homeless dogs who have endured trauma and as a result have a few problems.  All of which is not their fault.  It shows how the dogs are helped to cope and recover to be able to find a new home. This workshop is very good for children who have experience being in care/adopted/ abuse or neglect.  It has a positive end to each case and is a lovely way to show children that even after the worst times life can get better.


The Wolf in your living-room!

Have you ever wondered why your dog gobbles his food down,
likes to fetch things and walks around in circles before laying down? 
Well inside every domestic dog is the wolf. 
If you look at the dog’s wild ancestors you will find answers to the above and plus more interesting facts.


Shadow’s Story:

Shadow’s story is about a very naughty puppy who did not want to be a pet.
Instead of giving up on Shadow his owner addressed his issues and found a way for him to be happy.
Shadow was rehomed on a farm and is a good boy now and a champion Sheepdog.


Gracie’s Story.

Gracie’s story is about the amazing recovery of a badly treated dog, her journey from
being a rescue to finding new loving owners and becoming a brilliant therapy dog for Pet Respect.


Sookie’s Story.

Sookie is an amazing therapy dog who started her life in awful
conditions as a street dog in Romania. Her story is inspiring.