Free School Workshops


Pet Respect offer a variety of free workshops to Primary Schools.  We can adapt the workshops to most time requirements.


Our Workshop and Aims:


Dogs are like people and all have unique characters.

Our therapy dogs have all been assessed as safe and suitable for their work, presenting a range of different personalities and behaviours just like us humans.

Working with dog behaviours such as hyperactivity, anxiety, inability to concentrate,

lack of confidence, helps young people learn that our dogs have feelings and problems very similar to themselves.

They learn how to help the dogs and in turn learn strategies to help themselves.

We teach young people dog handling skills, and this helps the dogs learn about rules, boundaries and limitations.

We use positive training methods that are based on kindness and respect.

Whilst teaching the dogs the young people also learn these lessons for themselves but from the more powerful perspective of being the teacher.

Our workshop includes social skills such as learning to work with others, team building,

problem solving, developing empathy, responsibility, self awareness, confidence building and mentoring.

We use a variety of teaching aids and activities: Educational Presentations, DVDs,

Dog Agility, Search and Rescue Techniques, Group Team Building Activities,

Dog Mental Stimulation Activities and Hands on War Memorabilia.

 Our Workshops include:

Be Safe Around Dogs

Animal’s Needs and Feelings

Our Therapy Dogs Have Problems Too!

Working Dogs

Animals Roles in War

Educational Subjects included in the workshops:

Body language- canine and human & calming strategies

Dog training and basic obedience (Jess and Buddy)

Dog agility activity (Jess, Buddy and Gracie)

Search and rescue (Jess and Buddy)


Dogs and the law


Communication skills & Listening skills

Re-engaging in learning