• Breed:                                  Unknown
  • Favourite Toy:                   Tennis Ball
  • Favourite Treat :               Food, any Food
  • Favourite Activity :          Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Bad Habit:                           Non so far
  • Loves:                                   Belly rubs
  • Hates:                                   Being lonely
  • Favourite place:                Anywhere which includes a fuss
  • Unusual Fact:                     Used to live in Romania

This is Sookie, she started her therapy dog journey back in late 2015.

Sookie is aiming to make a difference to people’s lives in the simplest of ways- by offering a fury paw of friendship.

Sookie has come a long way from the terrified dog she used to be. Believe it or not she used to live on the streets of Romania, as a stray. She was spotted dodging cars on a busy main road. She was terrified, shaking with fear of the unknown. Her coat was incredibly matted, covered in fleas and ticks.

So badly so that it all had to come off! Whilst in Romania, Sookie was fostered by a wonderful lady called Nadia, after being rescued by her and her friend Maria. They both spent hours of their night (in pyjamas!) trying to get this fur ball off the streets and out of harms way of the cars. Whilst in Nadia’s care Sookie was kindly sponsored by Blondes cafe to recieve medical care, food and a home to stay in away from the kill shelter. Blondes is a wonderful dog friendly vegan cafe based in Cottingham.

That is how Sally, Sookie’s now pet parent came to adopt her. We don’t know much about Sookie’s time whilst on the streets other than what has been said previously. We don’t even know how old she is or what breed she could be, we just call her our gorgeous bundle of all sorts. We estimate her to now be around 14-16 years old.

It’s difficult to tell since her teeth are so warn down from eating stones when she was a stray. Must have been so difficult to find food out there but she sure has developed great people skills which makes her a wonderful candidate for a therapy dog! Sookie lives with three other dogs. Cookie a Tibetan terrier, Ashka, a collie cross also from Romania and Simba the cockapoo who you may have seen has recently joined the therapy dog crew to take over from Sookie gradually as she goes into retirement.

Sookie adores affection! We often see Sookie just flop down and roll on her back for belly rubs. With her big beautiful eyes and bushy tail that is often described as a waving mop she is just irresistible to stroke. Sally, Sookie’s owner would describe Sookie as being a calm, gentle and friendly dog with the sweetest nature.

There has been a few occasions when out walking that Sookie would go up to children and just put her breaks on, waiting to be stroked. She loves food and a comfy place to lay.

Sally adores Sookie and always thought she’d be a wonderful therapy dog, she has proven her right by working as a therapy dog for the past 7 years and is so proud of Sookie being part of Pet Respects team.

Although she is will be retired soon, the work that she has been a part of will carry onto the next generation of therapy dogs who are an amazing asset to the canine world. So Sookie can relax with ease knowing those who work with Pet Respect are in good paws.