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Therapy Work

 Help our dogs reach more people in need!

The work of a therapy dog is very special. Our therapy dogs give unconditional love and emotional support to those in need.

Jess in the photo above, is a nine year old, specially trained, border collie.

She has a lovely sweet, gentle nature.  We promote health, love and respect along the way, too.

Therapy Dogs JGB

    Gracie               Buddy             Jess

Our Dogs work with many people, elderly residents in care homes, sexually abused children, people with low self esteem and depression.

They can also help people with anger management issues, behavioural problems and people who are lonely and isolated.

 In a lot of cases our therapy dogs are one of a few visitors our clients receive and they are a vital part of their emotional well being.

 A therapy dog can really make someone smile; helping them to feel valued and loved at the same time.


Your sponsorship can really make a difference to the person in need!

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