What Happens Next?…

What Happens Next?…

Pets in the Park was the best one we have done in the 5 years its been held.

But what happens next after a big event? Does Jess put her feet up and watch the clock tick by until the

Christmas Gravy Bones come out? Does Buddy go back to watch YouTube video’s to learn new Dog Tricks?

Not quite, it’s a lot busier than that!

Jess, Buddy and Pet Respect have delivered multiple assemblies and workshops at Hessle Road Network, Astra Youth Club

National Playdays, Chilton Primary and Winfred Holtby.


We’ve also been fundraising and held stalls at Princess Avenue festival, RSPCA Bike Show, ASDA Hessle Road (Leanne, Andrew, Clare, Sue, Harry

Abi and Rufus the Pug plus Jess and Buddy raised money for Rusty the Husky’s operation),

ASDA Anlaby (Clare and the team raised £143.00!) , Victoria Square and Tigers Trust


Jess and Buddy have provided AAT at Humber View, Kirkella Mansions, Hessle Road Care Home, Hartshore Court

and Private sessions too.


Jess has completed her 10 week Hydrotherapy sessions to help with her Arthritis.

It’s made such a difference, she loves it that much we can’t get her out of the pool!

She is now booked in for a monthly visit with Brioney and the team.

Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of us in 2014, and to everyone who will be a part of us

in the future! Keep up to date with our Calendar, Facebook and Twitter for future events!

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