• Breed:                                Caucasian Shepherd
  • Favourite Toy:                Soft Toys    
  • Favourite Treat:             Salmon
  • Favourite Activity:        Playing with the pack                
  • Bad Habit:                         Chewing Everything
  • Loves:                                 Attention
  • Hates:                                 Getting Brushed
  • Favourite Place:              The Beach
  • Unusual Fact:                   He weigh’s 92 kilograms, that’s heavier then a beer keg and 13 times heavier than a bowling ball!


Written by Zeus’ owner, Eve.

Zeus lived in Romania for his first 2yrs. He had his ears docked and had a chain matted into the fur around his neck.

He lived outside, chained up in all weathers, probably as a guard dog.

He was dumped by his owner in an active kill shelter (they are all kill shelters there but this one kills if a dog isn’t claimed after 7 days).

He was reserved by an adopter in Cumbria who said she had giant breed experience but 10 days after he arrived with her, she dumped him in local boarding kennels.

She demanded he was handed back to rescue because he was bigger than she expected (despite seeing videos of him).


We drove to collect him from Barnard Castle to collect him from another one of our rescue volunteers who did the first leg of the journey from Cumbria.

He had such severe matting that his cheek was pushed forward and his eye squished, his neck was so solid with matting and his underneath was so tightly matted that he has only just learned to cock his leg.

The tip of his tail was matted into itself and then to his side so he could not really wag it.

His back end had years of matted poop and he made our eyes water the whole drive home but was so full of love from the first moment we laid eyes on him.



For 10 days, he stayed with our friends at Jarratt Hills Kennels near Broomfleet to give us time to get our existing foster dog to her new home and to assess Zeus before bringing him home to our pack.

During this time, and with the sponsorship of Hull Animal Welfare, Zeus had the worst of his matting shaved under anaesthetic at the vets.

He looked silly but must have felt so much better.

Then it was time to come home.

And my word, what an experience that was! Having not really lived in a house before, Zeus found adjusting a challenge.

He wasn’t house trained, will eat anything he can get his mouth around, which is most things considering how big he is!


His first victim, my ironing board leg, closely followed by the metal baby gate. He has since demolished a couple of xbox controllers, dining room blinds and a side table.

Although now he has settled in and understands his place in the world, he sticks to chewing his toys and occasionally my slippers (while I’m wearing them!).

So we were plodding along, looking for potential adopters for him when Covid struck. We knew he would be with us longer than the average foster as he needed such a specific home.

One who would understand his background and be firm with him as his breed is notoriously stubborn.

One with other dogs for him to play with. One who wouldn’t be phased by his size.

We both knew he was home and where he should be, with our other 3 rescues and 2 teenagers who love him.

That’s how Zeus became the final member of our pack and got his feet well and truly under the table.