Animal Assisted Therapy


Pet Respect’s Animal Assisted Therapy Service


Pet Respect offer a wide range of Animal Assisted Therapy Services for the young and old.

Our services are ideal for anyone who is not benefiting from conventional education or for any adults struggling with problems in life.

 We utilize the unique bond between dogs and humans.

Our Therapy dogs offer an instant attachment to people who are lonely, depressed, isolated or who have difficulty in forming relationships.

There is a proven therapeutic benefit being in an animal’s company and they can improve a person’s emotional and physical well being.

It is a medical fact that stroking an animal lowers a person’s blood pressure.

  Gracie   andrew jess

Our dogs work in a variety of  establishments, Care Homes, Behavioural/Referral Units,

Mental Health Groups, Stroke Support Groups, Disabled and Special Needs units, schools and colleges.

Pet Respect’s aim is to help improve a person’s self esteem, self awareness, self  worth,

communication skills, motivation, emotional and physical well being.

Just like us, all our dogs have different characters and backgrounds.

We emphasise this within our work.

We talk about our dog’s differences and some of the difficulties they have to overcome.

By teaching them trust, showing patience and understanding most problems can be addressed.