• Breed:                                St Bernard
  • Favourite Toy:                 Gladys doesn’t have a favourite toy she just likes to take carry anything into the garden and leave it there
  • Favourite Treat:            Cheese or a filled hoof
  • Favourite Activity:        Standing or sitting on you               
  • Bad Habit:                        Drooling and very stubborn
  • Loves:                                Food, attention and the rain
  • Hates:                                Loud and excited people
  • Favourite Place:              Anywhere where her sister is
  • Unusual Fact:                  Gladys loves  carrying her barrel round her neck


Gladys was brought home at 10 weeks where she was the size of a small dog, her owners used to walk her in a rucksack to socialise her from a young age.

Gladys is the youngest dog in the household and was born in 2020 near christmas. She is a very cheeky dog who loves attention and drooling on guests in then household.

She now wears a bib when people come round to try and stop this.

Gladys is a very greedy girl and will eat most things she will not eat fruit or veg and has a dislike to camel.

Apart from that she loves anything with fish in and the smellier the better