• Breed:                                  Chocolate Brown Labrador
  • Favourite Toy:                   Bear
  • Favourite Treat :              Salmon paste
  • Favourite Activity :          Swimming
  • Bad Habit:                           Snoring
  • Loves:                                   Cuddles
  • Hates:                                   Hot Weather
  • Favourite place:                Robin Hoods Bay Beach
  • Unusual Fact:                    Likes to help bring on the shopping from the car to the kitchen

Ruby is a very calm 13 year old Brigburn breed Labrador from a working farm in Northumberland.

Ruby, in her early days, was very trained and liked to show off doing tricks; especially rolling over and spinning.

Ruby has always followed instructions very well, but now is deaf so has adapted to follow hand signals.

Ruby likes to spend her spare time snoozing in the garden after a stroll around the field, she loves camping holidays with her family too!