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The Therapy Dog Team


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We have 10 active Qualified Therapy dogs, with 2 previous Therapy dogs.

Buddy is top of the list of our therapy dogs, he’s a Cairn Terrier.

Sookie’s breed is unknown. She used to live in Romania but is now part of the fabulous Therapy Dog team.

Tia is a wonderful Siberian Husky who’s been with us since 2017.

Daisy is a lovely Labrador who’s also been a part of the team since 2017.

Sybil is the one of the newest, but definitely not the smallest recruit, joining in 2020.

Gladys, Simba and George have been excellent in joining the team.

We have the wonderful Zeus, who is even bigger than Sybil! If Brian Blessed was a dog, Zeus would fit the bill!

The latest recruits are Oscar and Ruby.


Our most experienced therapy dog was Jess, a Border Collie born in 2006.

Jess thoroughly enjoyed her retirement after 9 years of being a therapy dog. Jess sadly passed away in July 2020, you can read our tribute to her here.

We also had Gracie who was calm and loving Labrador cross. Unfortunately Gracie passed away in August 2019. You can read our tribute to her here.


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Our Therapy Dog handlers have various different backgrounds with a great range of experience.