• Breed:                                Minature Cockapoo
  • Favourite Toy:                 Fleece Tuggy Toy
  • Favourite Treat:             Chicken
  • Favourite Activity:        Scent work and finding things                
  • Bad Habit:                         Bad habits? I’m pawfect! However I can get excited very quickly so being calm is key around me
  • Loves:                                 Giving and receiving affection from anyone
  • Hates:                                 Being away from my owner, Sally
  • Favourite Place:              The beach
  • Unusual Fact:                   I have webbed paws!

For a while now Sally has been considering looking for another dog to be passed the mantel of therapy work onto, as she knew Sookie would have to retire soon due to age.

Little did she know that when she least expected it the perfect pooch would come into her life. Sally heard about a puppy needing a home after being brought back just a week after being homed. This was through no fault of his own, just typical puppy behaviour that sadly was mistaken for something worse.

This is why it is incredibly important to do your research when looking for a puppy/dog and something Pet Respect love to educate people on. Ultimately their loss was Sally’s gain as after meeting this puppy she had a gut feeling he was the one for her.

Simba (named after Disneys The Lion King) was a sweet cockapoo who had luckily been exposed to school environments since the age of 4 weeks old, he was used to cars, people of all ages, other dogs etc so he had a fabulous foundation to develop on to become a therapy dog and loved all he came to meet.

Simba started his true therapy dog training with Sally at 10 weeks old in one of the regular schools we visit, with his sister from another mister Sookie and gorgeous girl Sybil showing him the ropes.

This isn’t something the charity allows often but because Sally is a dog trainer she knew how to manage and train to ensure all were safe and comfortable. This was also a very unique opportunity for some of the children Pet Respect work with as we could teach them how to interact, approach and behave around puppies and boy did they all did AMAZING!

Simba continues his training, gradually being introduced to each school as he grows he is taking over more work from Sookie so she could rest in retirment at home on the sofa. Simba loves his work, bringing a youthful clown like attitude to brighten the days of those who come to meet him.

Being a cross working cocker spaniel and minature poodle he has a lot of enthusiasm to work, is very intelligent and SUPER friendly….he sometimes can’t control his tail!

Sally can’t wait to teach Simba new tricks to show everyone how intelligent dogs are and for the kids to have a go with him. At such a young age he showed great potential and is now living up to that potential as Pet Respects newest recruit.