• Breed:                                  English Setter
  • Favourite Toy:                   Cuddles
  • Favourite Treat :               Any he’s allowed
  • Favourite Activity :          Walks in the country and the beach. But equally cuddles from anyone!
  • Bad Habit:                           Paying for attention
  • Loves:                                   Attention of any form
  • Hates:                                   Being ignored
  • Favourite place:                On the sofa after all of the above
  • Unusual Fact:                     Lived and rescued in Turkey as a stray


“George came to us after being rescued by someone else in this country.

It took him a little while to settle in yet another home.

We soon realised all George really wanted was to feel happy, secure and loved,

He doesn’t have any issues at all and is probably the calmest most loving and grateful dog we have ever had the pleasure of owning.

This is a big accomplishment as we have had many in the past … all dearly loved but not all with George’s sad history.”