• Breed:                                  Border Collie
  • Favourite Toy:                   Tennis ball/plastic bottles
  • Favourite Treat :               Carrots
  • Favourite Activity :          Swimming/Agility
  • Bad Habit:                           Pinching food on the sly
  • Loves:                                   Being made a fuss of
  • Hates:                                   Fireworks
  • Favourite place:                East Yorkshire Hydrotherapy
  • Unusual Fact:                     She snores louder than a human

Jess is now fully retired, she was the founding dog of the therapy dog group and is thoroughly enjoying her retirement!

Jess was born in September 2006.  She was born with arthritis in her hip and has a rare form of epilepsy called Border Collie Collapse, which is exercise induced. 

Jess is the most loving dog considering all she has been through; she adores being fussed and loved to do obedience, agility (Low impact) and tricks.

All Jess’s activities were specially adapted to take her health problems into consideration.  She can be hyperactive and obsessive when bored.  She is fun and very playful.  Being a Border collie she is highly intelligent but can be over focused therefore Jess needed calm and assertive handling.

Jess provided inspiration to us all overcoming her health problems and disability.  She has such a zest for life and has not let anything stop her living her life to the full.

Jess was easily excitable and didn’t like any anger shown towards her.  This was useful for people with anger management issues. By working with Jess, pupils actually saw why it was important to keep their anger under control because of the way it affects her.

When people worked with Jess she helped boost there self esteem and confidence.  Her affectionate personality touched us all.










Jess was sponsored by Vets 4 Pets, Country Road South, Hull