• Breed:                                Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Favourite Toy:                 Not really bothered about toys, but loves a good tug of war on her lead      
  • Favourite Treat:             Any treat!
  • Favourite Activity:        Going in the car and hanging her head out the window                   
  • Bad Habit:                         Getting up at 5:30am
  • Loves:                                 Cuddling up on the couch
  • Hates:                                 Fireworks and being in the rain
  • Favourite Place:              Owner’s bed and the Beach
  • Unusual Fact:                   Her owner already had a dog called Basel (Fawlty Towers inspired)
                                               so she was named Sybil to match!


Sybil was eight weeks old when her owner, Elaine, got her. At that time she sat in the palm of her hands! 

Elaine used to bath her in the sink, that’s how small she was, but she quickly grew.

She was a chewer (especially wood) and she ruined the arms of their conservatory sofa! 

She used to love getting hold of Basel (their other Bernese) on his lead and tried taking him for a walk – he wouldn’t budge!  

She has been brought up with 7 grandchildren so absolutely loves children – she loves everybody she meets.


She had surgery for the crucial ligament on her back leg in November 2019 and had to stay in the vets for 2 days in Leeds. 

The staff there loved her so much, they did not want her to go home. 

She made a speedy recovery and is in good health again. She is looking forward to being a therapy dog for Pet Respect.