Dexter is in need of a New Home



A message from Dexter’s owner –

“I am so sad to ask again but I cannot give this little ball of high energy the time and life he deserves.

My life currently is not in a place I can do 2 walks a day, be there, and not leave the lad alone when he loves attention.

If anybody CAN give the lad the time and love he needs PLEASE contact me.

Dexter is a Choc brown 2 year old Patterdale Terrier.

I have had him from 12 weeks old, house trained him, he is strong minded and will always try to push boundaries (terrier by nature) but is very cute and fun for somebody wanting a fun dog.

I feel he could be suited with another more dominant dog and a STRONG pack leader of a human.

I have loved having this lad and feel very guilty about having to re-home him but I cannot commit to his doggy needs and as a result he can get depressed and this makes me feel worse.

All he needs is love, hugs, and an owner who is not going to treat him too soft as a terrier will walk all over you (behaviour issues will occur).

He has NEVER attacked anybody but I never let him near small children because it puts a terrier at risk.

He loves ball games, bones, cuddles, eating! (do not over indulge him) and if you have the time to give him time you will have an amazing dog for life.

He has been amazing (and a cheeky terror) for me and I am glad I have had him in my life. I will miss him.


Ace dog, but needs your time and energy!

He is not a lapdog to impress your partner.”

If you think you could help, please contact Jimbo Baxter – 07873432208

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