Fireworks – Advice and RSPCA Campaigns

As they end of the year nears, Bonfire night and New Years Eve draws near where fireworks are commonly used.

Fireworks cause distress to animals due to the loud bangs and flashes of light.
Thousands of pets, horses and livestock are affected by fireworks.
Many hurt themselves in reaction to the noise and flashes or, in the worst cases, it can cause death.

Humans understand what fireworks are, we have learnt to close our eyes or to use ear defenders if we don’t like the lights and noise.

Unfortunately for animals, they can’t comprehend what is happening and are unable to protect themselves like humans can.

Here are a few suggestions to help protect your pets from distress during firework season:

– Play music or have the TV on louder than usual to block out the sounds outside
Classic FM is a great relaxing music station – 69% of UK adults with a pet take at least one measure to help relax or prepare their animal for firework season.

– Close the curtains or put towels over doors with windows in
This blocks out the flashes of light which can cause distress to your pets

– Give your pets something to keep them occupied
Kong’s (other brands available) or toys that provide mental stimulation are great for dogs
There are plenty of mental stimulation toys for cats, rabbits, hamsters etc too!

– For pets like rabbits or guinea pigs that are kept outside in a hutch, try to cover their hutch to block the light
If you have a thermal cover, this is ideal as it will also slightly block the sound


Firework displays are pretty and mesmerising, but they can be much safer.

The RSPCA have launched a campaign called #BangOutOfOrder

For the last 5 years they’ve been asking local councils to adopt our motion for change.

To make changes at a local level and whilst 26 councils have supported their calls for help across England,

RSPCA believe it’s time the UK Government stepped up to urgently review firework regulations.

If you agree, join them by encouraging your local MP to take more action on fireworks.

More information and links to the campaign form can be found here

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