Keep your Pets safe this Summer

The Summer weather will bring us all out of the house to venture out to the beaches and other places, whether you have 2 legs or 4 legs.


Pet Respect and all other animal charities would like to advise you the following things:

  • Place your the back of your hand on the pavement / ground for 5 seconds – if you struggle to keep it placed there due to the heat, then it will be unsafe for your dog / pet to walk too.


We have the luxury of shoes to keep us from withstanding the heat / cold, but animals only have their skin or fur.

  • Please don’t leave your animals in your car during the summer weather. If you can avoid doing this, please do.


A very informative video shows Tyrann Mathieu, an American Footballer from Arizona Cardinals, locked in a car in Arizona. He couldn’t withstand 8 minutes.

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  • Please don’t tire out your animals by throwing balls / toys for them too long. A dog (especially working dogs) will carry on running until they drop. This could cause serious illness to the dog at the time, and even hours after their exercise.

    It’s best to walk your dogs in late afternoon or early morning to avoid the highest temperatures of the day.

  • Recently, our weather in the UK has brought temperatures hotter than Spain, USA, Greece and many more countries. Please be aware of the heat for your pets, keep them watered and in shade.

Thank you and enjoy the Summer!


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