Marina Hartley (Jess’s Handler)


I have Qualifications in Animal Assisted Therapy and Pet Bereavement Counselling; I have helped run a dog training club in Hull.  I have completed many courses including dog Psychology, teaching Dog Agility, Flyball, Canine first aid, understanding Autism and Dementia Awareness.

I have worked in various places, Capper Pass, Drewton Kennels,  Selles Chemist, Vista Video and volunteering for various charities.

I have always owned collies and have a love for all animals.  I enjoy working with people of all ages.  In 2002 my m other suffered a severe stroke.  She was paralysed down her left side and found her Physio hard and tiring.

At the time I was fostering a dog called Charlie and I took him to visit my mum.  This was when I saw firsthand the positive effect an animal can have on a person who is not well.

My mum’s mood improved instantly and she forgot her limitations and tried to stroke the dog with her poorly hand.  This is why i was inspired to become an animal assisted therapist and train and work with my own therapy dog .

Jess was from a litter of eight puppies and I was lucky enough to meet her mum and dad and also grandparents.  I chose her because of her temperament within the litter and visited twice a week until she was eight weeks old and then came home to us.

Jess took two years to train and passed her Therapy Dog assessment in 2010.  We have a very special bond and I love her to bits!

Thanks to Pet Respect and Kim, my dream has come true and I work with Jess nearly every day.  I love our work and have the job satisfaction of watching the positive health effects our dogs have on others, it is well worth our hard work.