Meet ‘King’ Louie of Hull

Louie is another one of Pet Respects accredited Therapy Dogs, his fantastic work has earned him a place in the local papers!

Louie works for CatZero, a dedicated team that works with children, young people and families across the Humber Sub Region.

Louie travels into the charity’s office in Humber Street and, with a few treats as incentives,

puts his best paw forward each day, using all of his skills to help those in need.

People of all ages, often with complex underlying issues, are supported to overcome

the barriers that prevent them moving into education, training or employment.

CatZero’s uniqueness comes from how they do things, not just what they do.

Their experienced & dedicated team builds trust & confidence in individuals

with programmes of self-analysis, development and challenge. The result is lasting personal change.

For more information regarding CatZero click here

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