Paw to the Law

Paw to the Law!

 The new phase linking signing worthy petitions with Pet Selfies!

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Here at Pet Respect, we have noticed that going viral is the new thing.

We pondered, we wondered, we walked, we talked, eventually we came up with an idea.

We all would like to see Animal Cruelty imprisonment sentences extended, they are currently at

6 months regardless of the extent of the offence, of which it is rarely served in full.

We also like Selfies, Jess is fond of them, however she has struggled on the self timer part.

The connection of the two we hope will take to the social world like a duck in water!

It could be a Paw, a Claw, a Wing or a Fin! Any pet is great!

Just remember to Treat your Pet with respect, and treat them as you wish to be treat.

A How to Guide:

Sign the petition here 

Take a Selfie with your pet (they don’t have to give a high five, but if they can then great!)

Get on Facebook or Twitter, include the picture, details and link to the petition

then finally your nominations!

It could look like this:

Paw to the Law

Go wild with your idea’s, just remember to be safe, but also have lots of fun!

Sign the Petition and have a great time!

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