A belated Happy New Year and Winter Information

Firstly, from all us at Pet Respect, Happy New Year!


We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and stayed safe during the New year fireworks across the region and UK.


In recent days, Snow has hit the UK which has created a winter wonderland for young children and animals. We encourage you all, 2 feet or 4 paws, to enjoy the snow whilst it lasts! But we also, more importantly, advise you and your animals to stay safe.

Something which has become more apparent throughout the winter period is cases with pets being brought into Vets + RSPCA, they’re suffering from poisoning and illness from everyday winter products.


Anti Freeze, Gritting Salt and De-Icers contain substances which can cause illness and in some cases can be fatal for animals if consumed.

If you are out with your pets come inside from playing out in the snow, we advise you to check their paws and fur and give them a quick wash down. A warm watered rinse off their paws and fur is A) Soothing from the cold and B) could rinse away an substances that could cause harm. 


Further details on symptoms and advice can be found on the RSPCA’s link here


Thanks for reading, we wish you all the best for 2017!


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