Animals Role in War


Animals Roles in War

Main objectives of the programme are to:

  1. Engage the interest of young children
  2. Promote a greater awareness about animals roles in War
  3. Promote empathy and understanding of life during wartime
  4. To enhance children’s understanding that animals are living, feeling beings to be treated with respect and compassion
  5.  Encourage research skills
  6. To foster a sense of appreciation to the older generation who lived through the war

Insight into the how the programme works –

Throughout the 3 week course children will learn the impact of war on animals and humans.

An interesting power point presentation will be used with a class activity for each week.

Give a unique insight into growing up during the war and how it compares to life today.

It involves –

Speaking and listening, group discussion, reading and writing and Citizenship.

Highlighting the community spirit during the war and why it is still important today.

Gives an in depth understanding of what poppies and Remembrance Day actually mean/represent.

Lets the children handle WW2 memorabilia (bombs and hand grenades not included!)

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