Pet Befriending Services and Animal Assisted Therapy

Pet Befriending Services and Animal Assisted Therapy

We can offer our animal assisted therapy/ Pet Befriending service to individuals as a one to one session or in a group setting.

Depending on the desired goals for the clients the activities delivered will vary.


How Can It Help

We believe that AAT/Pet Befriending Service can improve a person’s sense of purpose and self worth,

communication skills, social skills, Coordination, Motor skills, Self awareness, self esteem, trust and respect.

Animal assisted therapy has proven to be of benefit to people suffering from mental health issues, offending behavior,

exclusion from school and society, stress and trauma, abuse and neglect, bereavement and emotional problems.


What happens in AAT sessions and Pet Befriending

Animal assisted therapy is a step up from the dog befriending service.  Jess has been especially trained to participate in

obedience training, agility, tricks and Fly ball activities and therefore can engage with clients in many ways.

Structured sessions are likely to involve specific goals for the client/patient which Pet Respect can assist with.


DSCF5469Achieving Goals        


Examples of goals, which are always set by the healthcare professional and remain their responsibility, include:

  • Improvement in gross movements, such as trunk or limb mobility through reaching out to stroke

the Therapy Dog or throwing an object to retrieve

  • Fine motor movements, for example, movement of the hand or fingers,

through for example, clipping and unclipping leads and collars


Other Services

We are also happy to offer a service similar to other dog befriending services.

Jess visits for approx 1 hour and can be introduced to individual clients to give them the chance to stroke and fuss Jess.



Our costs are negotiable depending on the needs of the client / group.

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